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Behind the Anger Therapy Kit for Kids Anger Management Control – Includes Card Game, Memory Game, and Feelings Flip Board – Designed for Therapy Use

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anger managementanger management

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Anger Management Tool Kit for Therapists

Behind the Anger Therapy Kit was developed and created by Family Therapist, Liat Keren. Liat specializes in Child and Adolescent Development.

This anger management game helps clients better understand the feelings that are associated with anger, their meaning and constructive ways to deal with the negative feelings.

Behind The Anger Therapy Kit

Anger Therapy Tool Kit for Professionals

The Behind the Anger Therapy Kit is a comprehensive tool for professional therapists to help kids 6+ and teens and even adults deal with their anger management issues. This kit helps clients express and deal with anger in a balanced and more positive way.

This kit includes a Feeling flip board, memory game, and card game designed to start conversations and offer tools that help clients make long-lasting changes in their lives.

Why Behind the Anger Therapy Kit is the right choice for you:

A comprehensive tool kit for anger management

Helps clients reduce anger and discover hidden feelings

Helps therapists connect and communicate with clients on anger issues

self development gameself development game

Help your clients uncover their emotions

As we know, in most cases, anger is merely a mask to what’s really going on and comes out as a reaction to discomfort, shame, disappointment, sadness, fear, envy, frustration, guilt, insult, embarrassment, confusion, worry and stress.

The Behind the Anger therapy kit will help your clients open up about their feelings and get a better understanding of why they feel angry while creating better channels of communication with you.

card game

card game

games for teens

games for teens

group activities

group activities

Fun & Effective Therapy Tool

The cards expand a child’s emotional vocabulary beyond, mad, angry, and upset. It shows the context in which each emotion is used as well as its meaning. So, kids can understand the emotions and use them when needed.

Long Lasting Results Through Play

Behind the Anger therapy kit combines easy engaging games and bright colors with therapy. It can also be used an ice breaker in play therapy with many younger clients as a way to talk about their feelings.

Gives Clients Valuable Tools

Behind the Anger game teaches kids the socially appropriate and helpful ways to deal with and express anger. These skills have long life lasting impact and creates a positive outcome that will remain long after the game is played.

board card game for kidsboard card game for kids

Comprehensive Anger Management Kit for Therapists

The Behind the Anger Card Game – This game is similar to Go Fish and gets your clients to interact with you while casually playing.Memory Card Game – This game is a memory game that has your clients randomly flipping the cards to find a matching card to complete a sentence, for example: “I felt shame when…” and the card asking the question “what has been helpful to deal with it?”; leading them to discover the conclusion within themselves.Feelings Flip Board – This tool is an educational tool that teaches your clients about certain feelings and what they mean, why we feel them, and what was the belief behind them.

MCA GoldMCA Gold

BTA is a Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient

Behind The Anger Card Game (which is included in the BTA Therapy Kit) is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. The Mom’s Choice Awards (MCA) evaluates products and services created for parents and educators and is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. Using a rigorous evaluation process, entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost. Around the world, parents, educators, retailers and members of the media trust the MCA Honoring Excellence seal when selecting quality products and services for families and children.


Behind the Anger Therapy Kit is a professional therapy collection of tools that helps therapists teach clients about anger and what lies behind the anger and teaches clients how to deal with anger in positive ways. Designed for professional use.

Behind the Anger is a family therapy game that helps kids and parents learn about anger and what lies behind the anger and teaches kids and families how to deal with anger in positive ways. Designed for both home and professional use.

StrongSuit is a family therapy card game for kids, teens, and families designed to boost self-confidence and social skills in a creative environment! Designed for both home and professional use.

Link Alike is a fun & engaging social skills game that teaches kids to spot similarities between peers rather than differences and reinforces the importance of being open-minded and non-judgmental.

The Nightmare Survival Kit helps in explaining anxiety to kids. This kit contains a set of unique workbooks, specially designed for at-home use for kids anxiety.













💢 ANGER THERAPY TOOL KIT – This therapy game kit includes 3 tools, which are designed by an experienced therapist, to help clients of varied ages express and deal with their anger in healthy, balanced, and positive ways. This kit is meant to be used by professionals
😀 DEAL WITH ANGER POSITIVELY – Anger is an emotion that everyone has, regardless to their age, gender, culture, socio-economic or ethnic background. It is not the emotion in itself that is a problem, but the way in which individuals deal with and express their anger is what so important. Our fun social skills game teaches different, alternative, non-violent ways to express and deal with anger
🚀 LONG-LASTING EFFECTS Ð Kids, teens, and even adults can benefit from what our anger management therapy kit will teach. Behind the Anger Therapy Kit teaches skills that will be used throughout individualÕs life span and it helps to improve self-image, confidence, builds bridges, enhances relationships, reduces insecurities and anxieties, thus creating a positive outcome that will remain long after the game is played
🏁 COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION Ð It is a fun way to approach a challenging subject for Professional Therapists. 3 powerful tools that will teach and adolescents essential social/interpersonal skills, emotional regulation, better understanding and expressing of their needs, which will last a lifetime and help them become successful and more positive/ balanced people
👨‍🏫️ NOT FOR PARENTAL USE Ð Behind the Anger Therapy Kit is made to be used by professionals only. For parents who are not professional therapists, we recommend purchasing the Behind the Anger Card Game

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