Calmmé anti-chafe and soothing cream

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PREVENT AND SOOTHE CHAFING in DELICATE spots and for SENSITIVE SKIN. Tested on athletes and created for everyday. Safe to be used on broken skin, no sting. No toxins and no potential allergens. Unlike sticks, NO residue of your skin or bacteria is left on the product after use. A complex mixture of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including St John’s wort, Aloe vera, ginger, calendula, pomegranate.

LONG LASTING: Helps prevent chafing by creating a long lasting barrier that is not greasy or sticky. The product is sustainable and will not melt away in the heat.
SOOTHES: If skin is already chafed, helps soothe. Helps reduce redness and pigmentation.
SAFE: Can be used on broken skin and so no sting. No allergens and no toxins. Safe for all ages. Product packaging designed to not cross contaminate.
INCLUSIVE: TESTED ON ATHLETES and created for EVERYDAY. Chafing can happen to anyone of any size. Calmmé is used by professional athletes, exercise enthusiasts, prepubescent children to senior citizens and all ages in between.

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