Carbon Fiber Badminton Rackets 2 Pack, Badminton Set Including Badminton Bag| 2 Rackets| Nylon Badmintons

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The advantages of all-carbon rackets for players:
Compared with standard carbon material, the shock absorption is increased by 10%, the resilience is increased by 15%, and the impact resistance is increased by 24%. The durability is increased by 30%, and the shaft is made slimmer, achieving unprecedented high performance.
Instantly change the direction of the ball shot, helping the players to pursue a super strong forward attack.
NANO TECHNOLOGY REGENERATION NETWORK badminton racket frame combines equalized square head which can provide an extra 40% effective hitting sweet spot, even if the shuttlecock deviates from the line bed central area, it can also make the connected smash maintain the corresponding accuracy and speed!
It provides the greatest resilience when hitting the ball, and can provide a quick attack ability for continuous multiple shots, and a deep & powerful flat draw suppresses the opponent away from the bottom line.

Comprehensive features:
Light-weight design, light swing feel.
Resistant- Carbon + steel& aluminum design. This superior material makes the racket relatively more durable.
Bomb- Carbon mid-rod design, excellent hitting flexibility.
Stable- The carbon box frame design makes the shot more stable.
Accurate- It’s square head design makes the shot more accurate.
Fast- Low wind resistance cone cover design, increase the flexibility of ball control in front of the net.

Basic Specifications:
Performance: offensive& defensive
Frame material: carbon fiber + resin + CFRP fiber
Middle tube- high rigidity carbon fiber + resin + nano
Weight: 80g±2g
Rigidity of middle pipe: 8.3 ± 0.2
Racket length: 675MM (26.5 inches)
From the balance point to the bottom of the shaft: 290mm±3mm
String tension: 22lbs- 24lbs

Package Includes:
2 x Badminton Rackets
3 x Shuttlecocks

【Basic Specifications】- SWORD N6(Performance: Defensive)+ SWORD N9(Performance: Offensive) / 4U (80g-85g) / G4 Grip Handle / Balance point: 290 ± 3MM / Length: 675MM / String Tension: 24LBS-26LBS (Maximum up to 30 pounds), Middle Tube rigidity 8.3 ± 0.2 (moderate).
【100% Carbon Fiber Material】- Frame material-carbon fiber + resin + CFRP fiber. Middle tube material- high rigidity carbon fiber + resin + nano. The racket weighs about 80g, it is light-weight. Especially designed for beginners, it is lightweight and resistant and it’s an easy-to-use high-performance badminton racket. You can enjoy the badminton game for a longer time and enjoy the exercise process easily and happily.
【Structural Technical Analysis】- Frame uses POWER ZRRRME mechanical structure, 3E 3D weaving technology& double-side special-shaped frame technology, allowing your forehand& backhand to increase attack power. Shaft uses secondary molding technology to connect the three-way T-joint. High-rigidity carbon fiber material enhances the strength of the racket& the resilience of instant swing, while reducing the risk of deformation of frame. It has both strength& speed to make sharp drop point to win.
【CFRP Technology】- CFRP application& surface layer reduces weight, meanwhile improves toughness to provide unparalleled up to 120% stability for hitting. ,The rotation force of each shot by CFRP rackets is increased by 20%. CFRP introduces aerospace scientific design, release metal memory performance & improve the control of the ball. The CFRP rackets reduce the vibration of frame by over 50%. Precise control, solid touch, powerful offensive smash, making opponents unable to counterattack.
【Reminder】- If you encounter any problems after purchase, you can contact us at any time. More exercise is healthier! A Single Set Includes: 2x racketa, 2x velvet cover, 3x shuttlecocks, the feather line: horizontal (24), vertical (22 pounds);you can use it upon receiving.

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