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CoolToys Toddlers Ball Drop Toy – 2 in 1 Developmental Car Ramp Race Track & Ball Popper Tracker Toy – Educational Montessori 1st Birthday Gift for Baby Kids Boys & Girls 1-3 Old – Fun Musical Sounds

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Little ones will play the day away with CoolToys Rolling Ball Tower Course! Your toddlers’ senses will be engaged with the tower’s colorful, dual-track design and kid-friendly background music.
The Rolling Ball Tower is double the fun as it offers two sets of adventures.
Kids will love seeing (and hearing) the balls rock, roll, and twirl down the tiers on one track, while they will have a blast on the other track, as they watch their cars rattle and race down the colorful ramps.

With two course-tracks for the balls and cars to travel, kids will watch the repetition of how the tiers and ramps work—and learn about cause-and-effect relationships.
You or your baby fully pull the lever (handle) to start playing with the track—cute teddy bear grabs a ball and drops it atop the tower—baby can watch the ball slide and roll down the course.
When the lever is released, the bear quickly spins back to his original position, ready for the next ball pick-up!
The lever also cues up the fun music. Picking up and dropping the balls and cars during play also helps develop fine motor skills, and aids in tactile exploration.

Power switch features two different volume modes.
Uses (2) 1.5V AA batteries (included). For 12+ months.


  — Assembly Required

What’s included:

  — 1 x Ball Tower

  — 3 x colorful balls

  — 2 x cars

  — 2 x AA batteries

  — 1 x Instruction Manual

  — Exceptional customer support

  — 1 year limited warranty

Learning Toys for Toddlers – A tower of fun for your little ones! Tots and toddlers will enjoy the maze-like fun with the CoolToys Rolling Ball Tower Course! Seeing and playing with the balls and cars as they drop, spin, rattle, and roll engage their senses.
2 for 1 – The tower maze is dual sided giving kids two times the enjoyment! Dual-track design features a unique course tailor made for a colorful ball drop and run, while the other side is specially created for a cool car race!
Rolling & Racing Fun – Little ones will love to watch two exciting adventures as fun music plays in the background—balls spin around at the top of the tower and drop from tier to tier or cars race down from ramp to ramp for hours of fun!
Bright Colors & Cute Melodies – The design of the Rolling Ball Tower is enhanced with bright colors and delightful melodies that help stimulate the brain and can improve a toddler’s curiosity and attention span. The fun music and sounds start as soon as the lever is pulled!
Interactive Play – As the lever is pulled, teddy bear grabs a ball and drops it at the top of the tower; the ball rolls down and stops at the bottom, ready for another pick-up. This fun, two-sided tower is a great all-in-one toddler development center—it helps develop fine-motor skills, promotes hand-eye coordination, and boosts tactile exploration.

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