Dermatonics 10% Urea Natural Foot Soothing Cream with Manuka Honey – Removes Hard Skin, Moisturizes and Rehydrates Racked, Rough, Dead and Dry Skin – For Feet, Elbows, & Hands, 2 oz. Tube

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What is Dermatonics?
Dermatonics is a line of nature-based skincare products. Our goal is to make foot care something you look forward to doing – not something that’s painful. Say goodbye to foot files, pumice stones and other painful at-home remedies and enjoy spa-quality products in the comfort of your home. Dermatonics Natural Foot Soothing Cream has been tried and tested on multiple types of skin conditions including dry skin, cracked feet, rough hands, chapped lips, cracked heels, winter itchiness, psoriasis as well as skin conditions related to diabetes. This foot cream for dry cracked heels is a gentle foot softener that does not irritate skin like pumice stones and foot scrubbers. It is a cracked feet treatment that lasts and keeps your feet softer for days.

Dermatonics quickly provides moisture and nourishment to dry, damaged skin. For years, Dermatonics has been trusted by podiatrists and dermatologists to soften cracked feet. Dermatonics Natural Foot Soothing Cream is all you need to see softer, healthier feet in as little as 1 day. Features a non-greasy formula and a 10% Urea content – perfect for cracked heels!

Natural Dry Foot Treatment
Put your mind at ease with high quality ingredients – our products are used by podiatrists and dermatologists across the United States. All Dermatonics products are made in England using natural ingredients and are paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral-oil-free, and are never tested on animals. Dermatonics heel cream for dry skin is great for removing dry, dead skin cells and provides benefits to all skin.

How to Use:
Apply Dermatonics after a shower or bath.
Squeeze a small amount into your hands.
Gently massage into the skin.
Focus on any extra dry areas.
Apply Dermatonics twice daily.

Our heel cream is paragon and sulfate free to combat dry skin safely. Dermatonics products are always paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, and cruelty-free.
Helpful for removing dry, dead skin cells, Dermatonics Heel Cream is a foot softening treatment and callus remover for feet.
Dermatonics works on dry, cracked feet, rough hands, dry skin, chapped lips, winter itchiness, dryness, and other unwanted skin conditions.
Our formula softens feet and removes calluses by addressing dry, ashy, & cracked feet. Moisturizes & exfoliates for soft, smooth results.

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