Ear and nose hair trimmer, men’s nose hair trimmer, USB charging power supply, waterproof double-edged blade, easy to clean. (gold)

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Bare nose hair can affect your appearance. So there is no doubt that men and women should always pay attention to these little details of themselves. The ear and nose hair trimmer has a double-edged rotating blade system that can trim excess hair from the nose, ears, eyebrows, beard and face, is waterproof and detachable, easy to clean and maintain. USB charging ear and nose trimmer, suitable for home, bedroom, bathroom and travel.

[Double-edged rotary blade] This nose hair trimmer has a double-edged rotary blade system with a protective cover. The internal 360° rotating design can accurately remove hair without causing painful and unpleasant pulling. It is comfortable and easy to use. Allows you to maximize work efficiency.
[Waterproof and easy to clean] Waterproof and washable, even if you take a bath, you can easily remove the residue by soaking and cleaning. Washable and detachable trimmer head, easy to clean and maintain. The user-friendly and convenient body design is equipped with a dust cover to protect the head of the trimmer.
[Power saving and mute] Use USB to charge, a more powerful motor, charge for 60 minutes, use for 90 days. This nose hair trimmer is suitable for travel and travel. The noise is less than 50db, so you can safely use nose hair clippers while your family is sleeping.
[Show the best things to everyone] There are no awkward moments in dating, work or parties! You should be the most handsome, most refined, and most fashionable person. Use the lightweight nose hair trimmer to easily get rid of pain, trim nose hair gently and quickly, and confidently bloom your personal charm.

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