Faraday Bag for All Cell Phones & Car Key Fobs – Prevents Tracking, Cloning, Hacking and Car Theft

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Price: $29.99 - $18.99
(as of Aug 11,2021 01:17:35 UTC – Details)

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Stay Off The Grid – With this faraday bag, you are in control of your privacy and your electronic devices won’t ping off of cell towers or send information to sites without your consent
Stop Hackers from Accessing Your Devices – Your electronic devices have a ton of your personal information stored on them, and if a hacker got access to that information, you could be left in some serious financial and legal trouble, but this electronic signal blocking bag will stop unwanted access to your devices
Protect Yourself From Carjackers – If you have keyless entry on your car, then your signal can be hacked from your fob and a carjacker can steal your car without you knowing it, but this faraday pouch will stop the signals from being hacked
Blocks all transmissions going to and from your your phone
Opens and Closes Quietly – No more angry looks in meetings, in church or at the cinema when all you want to do is to protect your assets because this signal jamming bag has a quiet open and close magnetic seal – Large size – Fits all phones

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