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Flourish Signature Edition

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Product Description

Flourish HeaderFlourish Header


A Perfect Day In The Garden…

Welcome to a delightful realm of beautiful gardens, vibrant flowers, and eye-catching scenery. Take up your spade and hone your finest gardening skills by crafting and nurturing the most majestic display of natural beauty, much to the envy of your neighbors over the wall. Lounge beneath your freshly-watered trellis and sip a cup of tea with fresh mint. Enjoy an afternoon in the sparkling world of Flourish, a place you will want to return to time and time again.





game pieces

game pieces

1 – 7 Players

Plays with up to 7 players without adding to the play time!

What’s in the Box?

98 Beautifully Illustrated Cards7 Scoreboards7 3D Walls24 Ribbon Tokens3 Medal Victory Tokens1 Victory Card

Friends and Follies Expansions

Friends Expansion –

15 Mini-Cards

Follies Expansion

35 3D Follies

How to Play

Flourish can be played a variety of ways–solo, cooperatively, or competitively! In summary, game-play for Flourish is as follows: each turn, you will begin with 6 cards in your hand. Choose 1 card to play into your own garden and 2 cards to pass over the walls of your garden to your neighbors, who simultaneously play their own cards into their gardens. Once all players have played and passed, all players reveal their played card, add the passed cards from their neighbors to their hands, and draw a new card from the deck. Players will place twelve cards total in their garden, scoring its beauty both by the points on their own cards and their neighbors! Clever passing of cards and shrewd placement each season will ensure your garden wins best in show!

Flourish is a beautiful, unique card-drafting, garden-building game where players plan and build the garden of their dreams over the course of the growing season. With delightful imagery, players plan their gardens throughout the game to collect the most points. An easy-to-learn game offering both competitive strategy and cooperative game modes and a 1-7 player count it provides a high level of accessibility and replayability.
A beautiful card-drafting game with several ways to play: solo, competitive, or co-op.
Whimsical artwork with 3D garden walls and special edition cover art.
Includes both Friends & Follies 3D Expansions.

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