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Metal puzzle

We explored a wide variety of interlocks and functionalities, and ultimately landed on a dissection puzzle—a solid shape split into interlocking parts—made with contrasting metals. We sculpted the curves and profiles of each piece to be increasingly fluid, as if the two metals were woven together. The is our most complex and sophisticated project to date—both from a design and manufacturing perspective. The puzzle is produced through a combination of die-casting and precision machining, which ensures a solid fit and a beautiful surface finish

Ways to vent emotions and relieve stress

People’s Pressure is Increasing. Sometimes You May Think About a Job or Other Annoying Things for a Long Time. at This Time, You Will Definitely Want to Play Some Small Toys on Your Hands. Our Product Can Release Pressure and Develop a Three-dimensional Brain Space. Improve Concentration, Regulate Emotions, Enhance Creative Inspiration

Wonderful Brain Puzzle Game

Fun for desktop putting or spending time during the free hours and get great fun at home, at work, or outdoor, etc.

Best Christmas Gift or Birthday Present

This toy is a wonderful gift for kids that encourages them to put aside their video games and devices for a while and build critical thinking skills. This is a learning toy that can engage them in car rides, plane rides, summer time, and anytime you want to encourage intellectual development. Best gift for Christmas, birthday present, or any holiday gift giving occasion.

Relax challenge:These brain games are very suitable for killing time, irritable, avoid using electronic products and gadgets, and relieve anxiety and stress. Stress relief toys are very effective.
Development skills:Through this cool and simple brain teaser to test logical and creative thinking, thinking will become sharp enough to develop its problem-solving ability through reasoning, developing intelligence and enhancing self-confidence
High-quality advanced engineering technology:Of eight pieces of brass and stainless steel, the Tycho Puzzle’s components fit together to form a cube with gently rounded edges.It is an interesting mental and physical challenge. It is difficult to solve, difficult to satisfy and beautifully displayed
Age group:Used for children, adults and the elderly, especially those who like to challenge to stimulate thinking potential, improve intelligence and practical ability and have the prevention and delay of Alzheimer’s disease, flexible fingers, develop children’s brain, exercise concentration, and promote problem solving and Innovative thinking ability is very important for learning.
Wonderful gift: suitable for all occasions! Can be used as Christmas gifts, children’s gifts, office gifts, etc. 3D brain teaser can be carried anywhere

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