Simpleaf Flushable Wet Wipes | Eco- Friendly, Paraben & Alcohol Free | Hypoallergenic & Safe for Sensitive Skin | Soothing Aloe Vera Formula with Lavender Scent | (25-Count) 6 Pack

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Product Description

Simpleaf logo, Lavender, Giving Back 1%Simpleaf logo, Lavender, Giving Back 1%

Simpleaf has a mission to provide high-quality household products with a strong commitment to our core values of social and environmental responsibility.

Simply Made For You

Simply Made for You Lavender Travel Home Work Camping Restrooms Gym Sports Garage Beach PartiesSimply Made for You Lavender Travel Home Work Camping Restrooms Gym Sports Garage Beach Parties

Product Facts

Flushing your wipes down the toilet can lead to sewer blockages as they don’t break apart in the water. Simpleaf Flushable wipes is a sustainable solution that satisfies your cleaning needs without harming the environment and clogging the toilet. Don’t worry about finding a trash can or having them fill your bin! After you are done using the wipes, you can simply flush them down.

You can use our wet wipes anywhereYou can use our wet wipes anywhere

Convenience Unlimited

Simply The Best Size: You can use these easy to dispense wipes for all the cleaning jobs. Thicker than conventional wipes, you can rely on them for cleaning any mess. Keep them tucked in your gym bags for a post work out cleansing or use them for quickly removing makeup, cleaning hands after pumping gas and wiping random spills in car. Keep these convenient and compact wipes in your bag or pocket at all times and be prepared.

Simply made for you.Simply made for you.

Thoughtfully Made

Gentle Formulation: Don’t cleanse your skin with chemical laden wipes again! Wipes that are moistened with harsh chemicals can cause irritation or rashes on your sensitive skin, especially when you are using them on babies. Manufactured with carefully selected ingredients, our wipes are designed to be gentle enough for all skin types. It is alcohol free so it won’t over dry your skin like other wipes can. The safe formulation would not cause any rashes, allergies, irritation on your skin.

Simply Versatile: Aloe Vera, Lavender, Unscented

Simply Versatile: Aloe Vera, Lavender, Unscented



Real-World Change: Giving Back 1%

Real-World Change: Giving Back 1%

Simply Versatile

We understand different audience enjoy using Simpleaf products that is why we have designed different scent that suit you! Check them out by simply searching Simpleaf.

Sustainable and Flushable

100% Plant Based Material – We are committed to ensuring everyone of our products are environmentally conscious and safe for both public and homes use. Our wipes are made from 100% viscose material which makes them easy to dissolve and great for the environment.

Simpleaf x Toilet Twinning

We believe that our consumers have the power to create real-world change by purchasing products like Simpleaf that support social and environmental responsibility. And, in return for consumer support, we support communities in need by being committed to giving back 1% of our sales revenue to charitable organizations, like Toilet Twinning and Baby2baby, that are furthering their mission to help those in need around the world.

LAVENDER SCENTED FLUSHABLE WIPES: Are you looking for premium quality and reliable wet wipes? Do you need them to be gentle on your sensitive skin and free of harmful ingredients? Would you like to be able to flush them out after every use? Then look no further because the Simpleaf flushable wet wipes are everything you’ve been looking for and more!
BIODEGRADABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: The flushable technology Simpleaf wet wipes make them the most eco-friendly choice you can make! After you’re done using the wipes flush them down the toilet and not worry about finding a trash can or having them fill your bin! The wipes are biodegradable and will dissolve in water to avoid toilet clogging.
SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: The Simpleaf wet wipes are completely safe for your skin and will never cause any irritation! The hypoallergenic wipes are free of any harmful ingredients, such as alcohol and parabens, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best! The wipes contain aloe vera extract that will gently soothe your skin and prevent it from any irritations.
CONVENIENT FOR EVERY USE: These wet wipes are essential for everyone and for every use! The easy snap lid will keep the wipes fresh and ready for your next use. Store these convenient and compact wipes in your bag or bathroom at all times and be prepared for everything!

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