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Tiki Toss Original Hook and Ring Game Essentials- Includes Hook, Ring, Mounting Screws, and Thread

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Product Description

Tiki TossTiki Toss

The hook and ring game is a longtime Carribean islands classic. This Tiki Toss hook and ring game will outlast the competition and be a permanent fixture at your barbecues, family parties, and lazy afternoons with friends. Simple to learn, hard to master, the concept of Tiki Toss is easy: swing a small ring onto a hook attached to the wall. Sound easy? All it requires is the perfect aim and placement. The Tiki Toss Bones is set up on a wall or another fixed position and above a string attaches to the ceiling. The premium construction will outlast the competition – the ring is manufactured for a pass through for the paracord for sleek design and ease of adjustment. The hook is manufactured with minimal thread so when inserted into wall, there won’t be any thread showing. Standing several paces from the Tiki Toss hook, the point is to release the ring just so that it will swing and land on the hook. Seemingly easy, but go ahead and try it yourself! Both addictive and meditative, this game will become the center of attention at your house, tailgate, or bar. Pick up the Tiki Toss Bones today and enjoy this addictive game for all ages!


Tiki Toss Shortboard

Enhance any outdoor gathering with this original hook and ring game!

Easy to assemble, allowing you to take it to the beach, camping, and more.Includes: a hook, an eye hook, thread, mounting screws, and a ring with a pass through.Simply grab the ring and swing to get in on the hook.

set upset up

Set up Instructions

1) Screw hook into center hole of board or wall.

2) Using mounting screws or tape, mount board on wall at height of 4-5 height.

3) Screw eye hook into overhang or ceiling at a distance of 3-6 feet from wall.

(the further away the more difficult!)

4) Place ring on hook. Run the loose end of the string through the eye hook.

5) Pull string until ring is in line with string, but not overly taught.

6) Tie string and cut.

7) Tip: if string stretches over time, tie a knot on the underside of the ring.


This original hook and ring game is perfect for any outdoor gathering or social event! Simple enough to assemble, you can bring it to the beach, camping, or even set it up in your own back yard. Included in this pack, you can find a ring with a pass through for thread, mounting screws, a regular hook, an eye hook and thread. Compete and see if you can toss the hanging ring onto the hook.This is all you’ll need for an excuse to get outside and have a great time- you’ll be hooked!

DIY FOR CREATIVE FAMILY FUN – Create your own Tiki Toss with our DIY kit. It’s a Perfect Family Game That Everybody Will Enjoy – Kids, Teens and Adults.
PLAY ANYWHERE – Play Games Indoor or Outdoor, In Your Yard, On The Patio, Or While Camping!
SIMPLE TO USE – After Setting It Up, Compete To See If You Can Toss The Hanging Ring Onto The Hook. The Game Is Easy To Learn And It’s More Fun Than Any Board Game!
WHAT YOU GET – Low Thread Profile Hook, Passthrough Ring with String Attached, Mounting Screws, Eye Hook, Cord Lock and Official Tiki Toss Badge

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