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Product Description

vacuum sealervacuum sealer

vacuum sealer machine

vacuum sealer machine

selladora al vacio

selladora al vacio

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine

Keep Food 7X Longer Fresh

Keep Food flavor and TasteNo Freezer Burn and dehydrationSaves fridge space with Vacuum sealed packaging

Reduce Food Waste

Up to 40% of food is wasted in USVacuum sealer reduces food waste by keeping food fresh Longer

Save Money with Wholesale Food

Buy wholesale food with great priceVacuum seal food in portion for fast food preparationEnjoy the original flavor with family

Choose The Best Seal Mode for All Your Food Groups

Food Vacuum Sealers

Food Vacuum Sealers

Food Sealer

Food Sealer

Food Saver

Food Saver

Seal a Meal Vacuum

Seal a Meal Vacuum

Fragile Chips

Meat Veggies Fruits

Dried Fruits nuts

Solid Food

Vacuum Packing Machine for Sous VideVacuum Packing Machine for Sous Vide


Most food saver machine on market only support “Dry” and “Moist” vacuum sealing mode, which are not sufficient for all food groups.Have you ever want to vacuum seal your fragile chips to keep it crispy? Have you ever want to store some soft fruits like berries for later use? Do you need to store your homemade jams properly? RAESOOT vacuum sealer provide a control knob to allow you choose the proper vacuum degree freely for your special food, without crushing your chips or vacuum liquid into the machine.There is also a “MANUAL” mode, press to exhaust air, release when reaching the satisfied vacuum degree. Everything is under your control!

Housewarming GiftsHousewarming Gifts

Gifts for MomGifts for Mom


1 * Vacuum Sealer Machine

1 * Air Suction Hose

1 * User Manual

1 * Power Cord

10 * Small Vacuum Sealer Bags (4*6 inch)

10 * Medium Vacuum Sealer Bags (6*7.8 inch)

How RAESOOT Vacuum Sealer Help Daily Life?

Without vacuum seal, an opened watermelon’s tastes changes overnight.

If you vacuum seal it, even after 3 days, it still tastes like just opened, with the original fresh flavor. Does that sound exciting?

RAESOOT vacuum sealer is designed to help our daily eating happy and healthy.

Keep Herbs Fruits Fresh

Avoid Freezer Burn Meat

Essential for Sous Vide Cooking

Keep Chips Crispy

Keep Your Fridge Organized

Faster Food Preparation

Support Jar Sealing and Wide Mouse Sealing

Vacuum Seal Important Files Documents

gifts for wifegifts for wife

Product specifications

Product Size

13.5 * 5 * 2.4 INCH

Seal Width

11 INCH maximum


Dry/Moist/Wet/Soft/Power/Solid All in One

Vacuum Power

-60kPa ~ 0kPa

Rated Power


Shell Meterial

Engineering ABS

【Save Money Time and Flavor】 Vacuum Sealer stores food 7x longer fresh without freezer burn or loss of original flavor. You can buy wholesale food with great price without worrying about food waste. Furthermore, sealed fresh food is ready to be defrosted and served, cooking and meal preparation become easier and faster, a must have for a busy mom
【100% Customizable Food Saver】Unlike most other vacuum sealer machines which only support dry/moist mode, RAESOOT food sealer allows users to freely choose a suitable vacuum degree using the easy to operate control knob. Seal your food properly no matter meat, fish, dry food, leaves veggies, stem veggies, fruits or fragile cookies
【Automatic One-Touch Operation】The vaccum sealers supports automatic vacuum sealing, manual vacuum then seal, seal only. Choose a preferable vacuum degree first, simply press the “vacuum sealing” button it will start to vacuum and seal automatically. To use manual mode, press “Manual” and release until satisfied then press “Seal”. If you only need seal, press “Seal”
【Compact Modern Design】RAESOOT food vacuum sealer is only 2.4inch thick, can be easily stored inside drawers cabinet or pantry. The modern rounded corner design and neatly white color will fit your kitchen nicely. Maximum seal width is 11 inches. Built with easy to clean material
【A Confident Starter Kit】Apart from the vacuum sealer and air suction hose, the package contains 20 bonus vacuum sealer bags (4 x 6 inch and 6 x 7.8 inch). Safety designs includes intelligent temperature control to avoid overheating and the heating wire never heat when open. Come with 1-year quality warranty

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