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Vacuum Sealer Raycial Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Preservation with Bag Storage and Built-in Cutter, Food sealer with Consecutive seals for Food savers, Includes Wine stopper

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Product Description

Vacuum sealerVacuum sealer

air sealingair sealing

food saverfood saver


Rated power: 110W

Degree of vacuum: -60 kPa

Nominal frequency: 50/60 Hz

Nominal voltage: 100-240V AC

Single sealing time: 6-15s

Vacuum sealing time: 10-20s

Notification when using the Food Saver Vacuum Sealing device:

1. Please place the open end of the bag in the vacuum chamber of the vacuum sealer. The wrong position of the vacuum bag will cause the seal to fail.

2. Make sure that the lid is firmly closed. When you close the lid of the vacuum sealer, you will hear two clicks from the left and right.

The packaging of the film sealing device contains:

Vacuum sealer * 1

Vacuum sealing film * 1

Vacuum bag * 10

Vacuum hose * 1

Wine stopper * 1

Instructions for use * 1

vac sealing

vac sealing

food sealing

food sealing

vacuum sealer machine

vacuum sealer machine

powerful vacuum

powerful vacuum

Dry and Wet Mode

Depending on the type of food, you can choose dry or wet mode to choose the best way to preserve food. Promote your healthy lifestyle.

Built-in Roll Bag Chamber

The roll tray is large enough to store a roll of bag. This way, the space is used effectively and the daily use of the vacuum sealer is made easier.

Built-in Cutting Knife

With its sharp blade, you can cut a suitable bag with the cutter in a few seconds. This built-in cutter helps you to speed up the processing process.

85kpa Powerful Suction

The Raycial upgraded powerful air sealing system technology offers a strong suction power to quickly vacuum the air from the bags and to do the vacuuming process efficiently.

food saver vacuum sealerfood saver vacuum sealer

vacuum bagvacuum bag

keep food freshkeep food fresh

vacuum air systemvacuum air system

Keep Food Fresh: This vacuum sealer with upgraded powerful air sealing system technology, which helps prevent moisture loss and keeps food fresher longer. The cooking and meal preparation will become faster, easier and more economical.
4 modes Functions: The Food Sealer has 4 modes, adjustable vacuum strengths and sealing times .”Dry” mode is suitable for all normal foods.”Moist”mode is suitable for juicy foods, this Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine most special part is that it can vacuum seal moist food like liquids, soup. “Puls” – for soft foods such as bread.
Built-in cutter and storage space: After placing the bag properly, simply move the slide cutter from end to end in the vacuum sealer and you can create custom sized bags without using scissors. The roll bag storage design is convenient for everyday bag storage.
Touchscreen and Multi-Function: The Food vacuum sealer Machine has easy-to-use touch buttons, compact and lightweight, you can vacuum seal the food in 8-10 seconds. The vacuum sealer can operate continuously many times without damaging the machine. Also accessory port and hose can vacuum seal canisters,wine stoppers or zipper bag.
Professional Entry Accessories: Includes Vacuum bags, Vacuum bag Roll, Air suction hose, Wine stopper, and instruction manual.A complete set of accessories to make it easier for you to use.

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