VOVCIG Stable and Durable Badminton Shuttlecocks,Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Recreational Exercises and Training(6Pcs)

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Price: $9.99
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Real Goose Feather Shuttlecock: Compared with duck feather shuttlecock on the market, goose feather shuttlecock is more durable
Stability: Goose feather shuttlecocks are made of sturdy goose straight feathers, which have good stability. The cork head has strong bounce. When you actually hit the ball, you will have a better experience.
Parent-child Activities: Use your family time to barbecue and play badminton with your children’s relatives. It will be a very beautiful and unforgettable day
The choice for Badminton Lovers and Beginners: our goose feather shuttlecocks are never picky about venues and crowds
Relieve physical and mental fatigue: Badminton is a good way to exercise, especially suitable for sedentary people, after a period of continuous exercise, you will have unexpected gains

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