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Zjyfyfyf Inflatable Lounge Lounger Chair with Ottoman Relax Foot Stool Seat with Electric Pump

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Name: Inflatable sofa

Tips for using inflatable sofa

The inflatable sofa is a new product of rubber material, it will have a little rubber smell, it can be eliminated after 2-4 days in a ventilated place. We are environmentally friendly materials, please rest assured

1. The new product can be inflated immediately after receipt, but it must be left for 8-12 hours before it can be used. Because the inner strap and the seam require a cushioning process, do not overfill the new sofa for the first few days.

2. For the first 3-5 days of the new product, you need to replenish air regularly every day, because there is a small air strip in it that needs to be slowly aired, so I feel a little loose. This is a normal phenomenon. It is not a leak. Just continue to make up air. After the buffer period 3 -Replenish the air once every 5 days (the heavier the load, the time to replenish the air will be shortened)

3.1 Personal use can be enough air, 2 people use to let off some air, the season changes the temperature rises, the air in the sofa expands, pay attention to deflation.

4. When the temperature drops, the sofa body will become soft, pay attention to air; any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak. This is a normal phenomenon (not a product quality problem), pay attention to regular air supply.

5. Do not over-inflate at any time (especially in summer), otherwise the pull strap inside the sofa body will be overloaded and broken, causing a bulge on the sofa surface, which cannot be repaired.

6. The inflatable sofa should be used with care, and ensure that the place where the sofa is placed is clean and tidy without sharp or hard objects such as nails or thorns.

7. Do not use the electric pump to inflate the air supply port for a long time. When you supply air, you must charge-stop–let the electric pump rest, otherwise the electric pump will be damaged.

8. Do not jump o

[Material] The material is made of wear-resistant PVC, and the bottom and surrounding PVC materials are used to prevent collisions, abrasion resistance, and longer use
[Durable] The elliptical suction basin at the bottom of the sofa is more stable. When a person sits on it, the bottom will better absorb the ground and be more stable to prevent the sofa from moving.
[Comfort] Thick flocking fabric, comfortable and soft, strong skin-friendly, let you relax
[Gift] Perfect Gift in summer, camper, hikers and outdoor lovers.
【Satisfaction Guaranteed】Rest assured to buy! Because we know that our products are of high quality, we hope that you are satisfied; if you are not satisfied, please contact us immediately so that we can correct this situation; we are committed to customer Service and maintain 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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